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Not all roofs are created equal. Low quality tiles eventually fade and wear until they start letting in wind and water. They may crack or come loose, potentially causing serious problems to your property. Fortunately, our reliable roof restoration service can reinvigorate your old and damaged roof in no time.

Roof restoration in Melbourne is an ideal choice for homeowners with damaged roofs, who do not have the budget to invest in a ‘from scratch roof replacement. We do not remove the whole roof; only the damaged parts are repaired and updated by our team of roofing experts. So, if it’s just a localised repair that you need, the team at Roof Resto can provide a cost effective solution.

With our reliable roof restoration service, costs are kept low and even tight budgets can be met. And, the benefits to the property are endless. Roof restoration repairs existing leaks and prevents problems from developing in the future. It keeps roofs strong for longer, reduces the risk of weather based damage, and protects the home from wind, rain and other elements.

Restoring Cement and Terracotta

We repair all broken tiles, degraded cement, rusted valley and flashings. This prevents leaks from forming and protects the tiles from further damage. The roof is covered with a protective coating, in order to help it withstand external pressures. Our cement and terracotta roof restorations can last anywhere between 20-30 years.

Restoring Metal Roofs

When it comes to older homes with metal roofs, partial restoration is not always possible. However, if the damage is minor and has not progressed beyond surface rust, the Roof Resto team may still be able to offer localised repairs. Surface rust can be cleaned and the rusted metal can be treated, so that it does not develop into holes. In order to maintain the lifespan of the roof, the team at Roof Resto coat all areas of your roof.

When it comes to metal roofs, the old saying “prevention is better than cure” almost always applies. It is always best to conduct regular roof maintenance and keep your roof in pristine condition to prevent any issues down the line. Talk to our team of experts today about how you can maintain your metal roof and avoid a full roof replacement.