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At Roof Resto we specialise in fascia and eaves repairs in Melbourne. Fascia boards effectively act like a border that prevents the roof from touching the sides of the house. These boards will also secure your roof’s guttering system, to ensure that rainwater drains properly and prevent moisture from entering the roofline.

Due to exposure to water and the elements, timber fascia and eaves can become worn over time and display signs of rust, flaking paint, leakage, wet rot and even detachment. If water builds up it can seep through the walls and foundation of the house, causing damage. Call the experts at Roof Resto for fascia repairs in Melbourne, you can be rest assured that your roof – and your eaves – will be looked after.

At Roof Resto we provide high quality repair services for timber fascia and eaves. Our team will come out to inspect your home at no charge and provide you with a cost effective solution for repairs. Our work comes with a 12-year guarantee and we are a member of HIA, Master Builders Australia and the Victorian Building Commission.

For more information about our fascia and eaves repair in Melbourne, please contact us.